Lectrosonics and the Crasher Shows

A while back, I did a small interview with Lectrosonics about using their gear on one of the shows that I was working on. I often shared these gigs with two of my good buddies and we all used Lectrosonics at the time. Anyway, I decided to see if the article was still on the interwebs somwhere... and it was! Here is the link. Lectrosonics Article.


Scattered Flurries

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Travis Rummel and Ben Knight of Felt Soul Media. They are two extraordinary people and extremely talented filmmakers who tell important stories in the most beautiful and creative ways. We happened to be working on documentaries with related topics at the same time, so naturally our paths crossed. Over the years I have had the pleasure to do little things with them here and there. Here is a little piece they made called Scattered Flurries about Telluride, Colorado. For some reason they decided to use one of my silly songs... Enjoy!

Scattered Flurries

Scattered Flurries

New Beginnings

After spending many years up in Northern California and the Bay Area, I have moved down to the San Diego area to be closer to family. I've had many good years and memorable jobs up North and have met so many incredible people, but my hope is to now do the same thing in Southern California. I will continue to travel for work all over the world, but a large goal for me is to meet all of the talented and hard working people down South. To new beginnings!

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